Anonymous: Hi there! I'd just like to say that I really enjoy your travel pics/posts. You've inspired me to go explore! Any ideas/plans on where you will travel to next?

Yep! I’m going to try to explore that abandoned house again this weekend, and eventually a big trip to Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, and Antelope Canyon. jenniferhom and I are also planning a trip in the summer if our schedules allow. Back to Lassen Volcanic, Crater Lake, the Oregon coast and Opal Creek (which I haven’t been).

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Craziest thing I’ve (almost) ever done

On the drive back from our camping trip, my roommate and I spotted a HUGE abandoned house across the river from the freeway with no roads leading to it. It looked like a 2, maybe 3-story house. 


There used to be a bridge crossing the river, but for some reason it’s not there anymore and this cable thing is in its place. There were locks on the cart though. 


The plan was for me to cross by walking along the yellow rope (which we tightened) while holding onto the cable.  The rapids were pretty intense below, the river was too deep to see the bottom, and the whole trek would’ve been around 70 feet across. I was pretty high up as well (maybe 30 feet in the air). So my roommate made a harness for me.


Basically this was scarier than skydiving. Exploring a huge abandoned house alone without an escape route sounded pretty scary too, but also fun (I’ve explored a few abandoned buildings in the past, including an psychiatric hospital in New England).   

Upon taking the first few steps, my roommate made me turn around because he couldn’t see how the old brittle yellow rope was looped on the other side of the river; if it rubbed against anything sharp with my added weight, it could snap. Even though the harness would’ve kept me from falling into the rapids, it just wasn’t safe. (Let’s just say I do fall into the river…my backpack, which was strapped and tied around my waist, was full of heavy camera equipment; it would’ve dragged me to the bottom of the river and the currents would’ve held me down.) Also, the sun was setting on us, there could be crackheads on the other side, or cannibal hicks, ghosts, etc. Real life horror movie avoided, I suppose.

Anyway, as we drove a couple miles down the highway, there was a foot bridge that crossed over the river…. It would be a bit of a hike to get back to the house from that bridge but I’m going to try to return to it next weekend…

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just curious… how many of you live in LA? 

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