mystikitten: Your picture just proves that the internet is full perverts. I love your photos by the way you have a nice eye for things.

Lol. Thank you. It’s validating when my art is appreciated; it gives me a sense that I can actually contribute something to the world. Plus, I don’t have conventionally beautiful features and I’m what you might call “a late bloomer” so it always throws me when people willingly stare at my face. thought process is usually: ‘What the hell are you looking at, fucker-oh wait. maybe i’m being checked out.’

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unknowngian: I love both types of photos you upload. And Im sure others will agree that not all your followers follow you for just your selfies.

haha thank you <3
At least my most popular posts are my nature gifs. One is approaching 400k… which is 100k short of half a million. which is like, half of a million. which is like. a lot. like. 

pictures of my face/body will never get that many notes haha

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*goes on an epic road trip and uploads epic photos and gifs* *hit or miss* *30 notes*

*uploads janky iphone selfie* 

*500+ notes* *100 new followers* 


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yo my tumblr posts have collectively gained over 800,000 notes and millions of views…  I also forgot to mention I hit 8,000 followers last week!

Time to plan an adventure soon with Kai… Big Sur, I think

follow me on instagram too: @illustratographer

^^^changed my ig handle
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bobcat-in-isolation: HI im a new follower and so far i love your work. I've always had a strong interest in photography and recently got my hands on a second hand Canon 5d Mark ii. I noticed your 2 second loop or photos strung together at a 20 second esposure. I love long exposure photography myself but i cant seem to nail the aperture/exposure settings to capture both the moon AND the stars without the moon being as blinding as the sun. Could you pretty please give me some tips? <3


In my moonrise gif, the moon is washed out; there’s just no way to expose it to both the moon and the stars in the same shot. The moon’s surface is actually about as reflective as a cast iron skillet, but the sun is SO bright, that it lights up the moon to where it’s impossible to expose it properly without compromising the visibility of the stars. Only thing you can do is take multiple exposures, getting the stars and moon separately, and then stitch them together in Photoshop.  Don’t think of it as cheating; you’re simply recreating what your eyes see. Thanks for following~

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